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Daybreak Suites Extended Stay – ADA Compliant rooms

Our mission at each of our Daybreak Suites communities is to create an unmatched extended stay experience. Our properties are welcoming and accessible to all, including those with physical disabilities.

Each Daybreak Suites location has the required number and dispersion of ADA compliant rooms. These rooms are held open as long as possible in order to remain available to serve the needs of disabled guests. Only after all standard access rooms have been booked will ADA compliant rooms be released to able-bodied guests.

ADA Amenities Include:

• ADA compliant parking spaces, with ramps, adjacent to each specific ADA room
• ADA compliant bathrooms, including ADA compliant chair height toilets and grab bars
– compliant sinks with insulated plumbing
– compliant shower stalls with grab bars
• ADA compliant kitchens, including counter tops, cabinets and sinks with required knee space/insulated padding and stoves/ovens with front mounted controls
• ADA compliant door widths and peep holes for room doors
• ADA compliant smoke alarms with audio and visual alarms
• ADA compliant poolside hoist

Daybreak Suites is happy to make the following accommodations, when requested, for our guests with disabilities:

• A request to remove the bed frame or box to lower the bed to a more acceptable height
• A request to place the bed frame on bed risers to allow the use of a transfer hoist or Hoyer lift (all items provided by the guest), if the room is large enough to accommodate the hoist or lift
• A request to relocate the telephone to a more accessible position
• A request to remove furniture from the room that may impede access for a wheel chair
• A request to provide an extension cord to allow for greater access to electricity
• A request to remove the bathroom door, if necessary, to provide better access for a wheelchair
Daybreak suites is an ADA Compliant CommunityDaybreak Suites American Owned and Operated